Senin, 06 Juli 2009

Muhammad (prophet)

Born in 570 CE in the Arabian city of Mecca, he was orphaned at a young age and brought up under the care of his uncle Abu talib . He later worked mostly as a merchant, as well as a shepherd, and was first married by age 25. Discontented with life in Mecca, he retreated to a cave in the surrounding mountains for mediation and reflection. According to Islamic beliefs it was here, at age 40, in the month ofRamadan, where he received his first revelation from God. Three years after this event Muhammad started preaching these revelations publicly, proclaiming that "God is One", that complete "surrender" to Him is the only way acceptable to God, and that he himself was a prophet and messenger of God, in the same vein as other islamic prophet.

Muhammad gained few followersearly on, and was met with hospitility from some Meccan tribes; he and his followers were treated harshly. To escape persecution Muhammad and his followers migrated to Medina(then known as Yathrib) in the year 622 CE. This event, the Hijra, marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar. In Medina, Muhammad united the conflicting tribes, and after eight years of fighting with the Meccan tribes, his followers, who by then had grown to ten thousand, conquered Mecca. In 632, a few months after returning to Medina from his farewell pilgrimage, Muhammad fell ill and died. By the time of his death, most of the Arabian Peninsula had convered to islam; and he united the tribes of Arabia into a single Muslim religious polity.

story of Munir

Since Munir was killed on his flight to the Netherlands, I believe it was not an ordinary person who killed him. I believe Polycarpus Budihari Priyanto (the convicted) was just a field agent to overshadow the mastermind.

I suppose the mastermind was a very influential person. If she or he is rich and powerful, then the efforts to find the mastermind are just useless. It is also not a personal plan, but it is a collective action.

Allow me to express my deepest condolences to Suciwati (Munir's wife) for the loss of her husband and for her effort to seek justice and truth. There are so many weird things behind the case.

First, no cross-examination was conducted on the autopsy results announced by the Netherlands' forensics body. Second, the doctor who helped Munir on the plane was never questioned in court. Third, key witness Budi Santoso never showed up to court to prove his accusation.

Fourth, using hi-tech, home phone and cellular phone numbers can be doubled and used by someone else. Fifth, Muchdi was set free due to a lack of phone evidence, why wasn't Polycarpus? Munir's murderer must be a person and not a ghost.

I think the mastermind of the murder may be the one(s) who received many benefits from this case or who led people's opinions to the sentenced defendants. Only God knows the real doer.

SBY politics

The choice of Boediono as vice presidential candidate on the SBY ticket could awaken middle-class moderates to the fact that they are a real factor in the direction of the nation. The old conventional wisdom says that Golkar and PDIP are secular and pluralist and that PKS hold the banner of sectarian politics with PKB and PAN collecting the milder form of Islamism. The results of the parliamentary elections allay fears of fundamentalism as the secular parties outnumber the sectarian by a wide margin.

But there are other important issues which are more instrumental in efforts to improve the standard of living in Indonesia. Corruption, bureaucracy, human rights are clearly the prime enemies of the civil society. Yet at the emotional level where political gut instincts are formed, the specter of radical religion is far more ominous to the endemic disease of corruption. This hampers reform, because you almost have to choose between clean government and freedom from extremism.

declaration capres and cawapres 2009 for peace

Declaration of capres and cawapres is important for peace. are you agree ? you must answer "yes, I agree, because I love peace...". I hope Indonesia in future can be better. cause I'am born and live in the land of Indonesia.

Barrack Obama

Barack Hussein Obama born August 4, 1961 is the 44 th and current president of USA . He is the first african american to hold the office. Obama was the junior US senator from Illinois from January 2005 until November 2008, when he resigned after his election to the presidency.

I hope obama can be better....